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Book Review: Forward the Foundation

Yesterday I finished the book Forward the Foundation by Isaac Asimov. Asimov is one of my favorite authors, he wrote over 500 books in his life. About widely varying topics including fundamental physics, limericks, and religion. I've been reading books in his science fiction series Foundation for the past couple years. The Foundation Series is actually made up of a couple smaller series of books that all take place in the same universe.

Here is the complete reading order:

Robot Series

  1. The Complete Robot (1982) and/or I, Robot (1950)
  2. Caves of Steel (1954)
  3. The Naked Sun (1957)
  4. The Robots of Dawn (1983)
  5. Robots and Empire (1985)

Empire Trilogy

  1. The Currents of Space (1952)
  2. The Stars, Like Dust (1951)
  3. Pebble in the Sky (1950)

Preludes to Foundation

  1. Prelude to Foundation (1988)
  2. Forward the Foundation (1993)

Foundation Trilogy

  1. Foundation (1951)
  2. Foundation and Empire (1952)
  3. Second Foundation (1953)

Sequels to Foundation

  1. Foundation's Edge (1982)
  2. Foundation and Earth (1986)

Interestingly, although Forward the Foundation is chronology the 10th in the series it was the last book to be written. In fact, it was the last book Asimov ever wrote before he died. Some consider the book to be autobiographical in nature. Many aspects of the main character, Hari Seldon, closely resemble Asimov. In the book, Heri works on what is called "psychohistory" which is a combination of mathematics and history. Two subjects that Asimov himself extensively studied.

Throughout the book, Heri is obsessed with growing older and not being able to finish his work before he dies. This gives an interesting window in the way Asimov was thinking about his own mortality.

Asimov died right around the time I was conceived, so I consider him my spirit animal. I highly recommend this book and the whole rest of the series!

Limerick Monday

I'm burned out because of technology today. Too much screen time. 

There once was a girl with a phone
Without it, she would feel all alone
On it all day every day
A fucked up price to pay
Sill on the phone, now a bitter old crone

I used female pronouns because the word crone rhymes with phone. The balance of tech and presence is a challenge that everyone faces.

Now time to read a book and let my mind wander.

Warm Day in Boulder

Today was a very warm day in Boulder. It was 50 degrees for most of the day and we still have about 5 inches of snow on the ground. I made full use of the warm weather and hiked all day.

I started off in the morning with Green Mountain Loop

View from the top

And then went on a run (mostly walking tho :p) from Flagstaff to the top of Sanitas Valley Trail.

Made it back to the car just in time for sunset.

In total I went 10 miles and 4,000 ft up.

Ingenue by Atoms for Peace (cover)

Piano cover of Ingenue by Atoms for Peace

You know like the back of your hand
Who let me in?
You got me into this mess
You get me out
You know like the back of your hand
Your bell jar
Your collection
You got me into this mess
Fools rushing in, yeah
And they know it

The seeds of the dandelion you blow away
In good time, I hope I pray
If I'm not there now, physically
I'm always before you, come what may

And you know it
Who let 'em in?
Yeah, well you know it's
Fools rushing in,
Yeah well they know it's
Gone with a touch of your
Gone with a touch of your hand

Move through the moment
Though it betrays
Jackals and flames
If I knew now what I knew then
Just give me more time I hope and pray
I mistake all you say
The seeds of the dandelion you blow away

Life Is as Fun as You Make It

So make it fun.

Here is something fun: