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Cherish Every Moment

At this moment, I feel stressed.

I feel pulled in 1000 directions.

I feel like I am doing too much; I feel like I'm not nearly doing enough.

I love the people I get to spend my days working with. 

I love what we are working on.

I love the person (and dogs) I get to go home to tonight.

I love the direction of our work and our lives. 

But, I feel lost in the moment.

A few days ago, I asked some friends the question, "what is missing from your life?"

I was delighted to hear their answer was, "nothing."

And I realized my own answer was "nothing."

I know at almost every other time in my life, I would have had a different answer.

Today I don't.

So why the feeling of loss?

Being grateful is a choice. I was choosing to experience the problems.

Not to just experience the moment.

Good or bad, every moment with every person I interact with, I can simply cherish.

Cherish every moment.