Polyhedron Ventures

In January 2018 I founded Polyhedron Ventures. PV is an opportunistic early-stage investor in technology startups. Average check size is $10k. I do not take unsolicited pitches.

Out of undergraduate school, I wanted to learn more about startups and venture capital. At the same time, I was considering going to law school. With an average cost of over $120k, I figured that I could learn way more about exactly what I wanted to learn about simply by writing $10k checks to startups in my network. So that's what I started doing. I invest primarily to learn and network.


- Trust & Will - Estate Planning Made Easy | Seed RoundSeries A | Series B

- DemoFlow - Live Sales Workspace for Remote Teams | Seed Round

- TermScout - Automated Review for Commonly-Signed Contracts | Seed Round

- The Fund Rockies - Founders funding founders in the Rocky Mountain Region (est. 2020)

- Kokopelli Capital - Micro-VC investing in the Rocky Mountain Region (20+ active investments)


- Halp - Slack-First Ticketing For Modern Support Teams | Seed Round | Acquired by Atlassian


None Yet!